Our Expertise

OnIT has over 40 years of combined experience in the IT field and can provide Small and Medium Businesses and Practices the same services that used to only be available to large enterprises at reasonable prices.
We believe that you should focus less on your IT and more on running your business.

Business Consulting Services

We are happy to work with new  and current clients on special projects such as email migrations, computer upgrades, and software deployment.

Our services are not limited to only selling contracts; we also have hourly rates and project costs for many of our services on a pay as you basis.

Backup Setup & Monitoring

OnIT will set up a proper backup plan for your business that usually consists of local (on-site) backup, also cloud (off-site) backup and bare metal backups.

We also test your backups during maintenance checkups to ensure they are working properly. We can provide HIPAA certified cloud (off-site) backups and keep your local backup data safe with the highest end encryption.

Server Security Management

We find that most businesses and small practices are usually wide open to both hacker and virus attacks due to low quality security.

You cannot (should not) run your business network on the same router you run at home. The security risks are higher and reliability is a must.

We can ensure your business or practice is properly secured from outside and inside threats.

Disaster Recovery

So you have everything in place, your server is backed up and secure, your workstations are safe but you wake up one morning and your server is dead. Do you have a plan in place?

We do. OnIT stocks backup servers for clients in order to assist with a disaster and getting your business back up and running within hours, not days.